The Tiger

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Allegedly "The Gaffer". 

It's not just Jack Daniels he's mad about but hawaiin shirts & shorts!   Very strange man...... people are jealous 'cos the voices talk to him.  Keeps a good pint though!

The Tiger

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Meet The Staff

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The Gaffers “mrs”

Umm seems she’s a little camera shy right now, don’t worry we’ll add a pic soon !


Our Assistant Manager.  Typical affable Irishman.  Please excuse this photo as his piles had just burst!


A clever girl with a degree.   Our "pin-up" girl & a bit shy, but very efficient and can drink all of us under the table!


Been here since year dot and still can't change kegs!  Lovely natured woman, looking for Mr Right (or right now!).   Favourite song is by Hazel O'Connor ............... "I love the sound of breaking glass".


She used to be shy .............. now she's full of it!  Might even serve you if  you can get her off her phone.


New kid on the block.  Likes bizarre haircuts and strange humour.  More info when he's worked here longer.